Update Rockfall Mitigation Project Rt 29 Kingwood Twp

Hello friends and neighbors.

Some interesting developments:  Following a January Local Official Briefing by the New Jersey Department of Transportation with leaders from Kingwood Township, Tribal Nations, and Hunterdon County, NJDOT agreed to consult with a “working group” formed by Kingwood Twp leaders to explore alternative solutions to NJDOT’s planned rockfall project along route 29 in Kingwood twp.  

Many thanks to the Kingwood Township Mayor Andrew Russano, Deputy Mayor Maureen Syrnick, and Committee Person Lance Riggio for pulling together a very strong group to work with NJDOT and key contractors on exploring alternatives. The working group is being led by Lance Riggio. The working group includes representatives from Kingwood Township Environmental Commission,  Local Tribal Nations, the National Park Service, the Delaware Wild and Scenic Management Council and the Devil’s Tea Table Alliance.  It’s seems that as a result of the pushback from all 10 municipalities in the affected river valley area and many other groups and individuals, NJDOT may be willing at this point to revise what had been their preferred Kingwood Twp Rt 29 rockfall mitigation plans as articulated in 2019 and 2020 briefings.

To date the working group has met twice, June and July, with a third meeting being scheduled.  The Kingwood group has been very effective in articulating the many problems with NJDOT’s plans and especially the lack of convincing data justifying their plans.  It still remains to be seen if NJDOT is going to be truly responsive to the concerns brought up by the Kingwood community group.

We will keep you informed of progress in that regard.

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Stephen Freeman 

The Devil’s Tea Table Alliance  

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