NJ DOT Holds Zoom Meeting With Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co and Delaware Tribal Nations, Kingwood Rockfall Project, on Tuesday 1/24/2023

Hello Friends and Neighbors, 

This is the first attempt by NJDOT  to respond to stakeholders’ questions on the Rt 29 rockfall mitigation project in Kingwood Twp since that summer 2019 Meeting in Frenchtown. 

Request by DTTA to attend the Zoom meeting were rejected.  Also suggestions that the Township’s reps for a similar and related project  in West Amwell/Lambertville be included were also rejected with promises for separate meetings for those and other interested groups related to these projects.

Some info from the Tuesday meeting:

Based on conversations I had with some folks who attended the Kingwood meeting, it seems DOT has changed their approach a bit since 2019-20.  They reportedly announced they would form a working group of officials and other stakeholders to review their data and project options in detail and work together with constituents to determine what the final project might include. They seemed open to discussing and considering less destructive solutions that they had ruled out in the 2019 public meeting in Frenchtown.  Hopeful signs.  We shall see. 

DTTA will continue to collect information on NJDOT’s current plans from open public records requests (OPRA) and discussions with individuals who attended yesterday’s meeting on specific information revealed.

More to come on this – stay tuned !

Stephen Freeman

The Devil’s Tea Table Alliance  

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