Another Town -Stockton Borough- Passes Rockfall Mitigation Resolution

Thank you, Stockton Borough Council!!   A great week for the Delaware River Valley with this second resolution.

Thursday evening the Stockton Borough Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution opposing the RT 29 rockfall mitigation project and supporting other organizations and municipalities who have passed similar resolutions. The resolution requests the NJDOT Rt 29 project be paused until full environmental impact assessment is completed and affected communities are involved in exploring all possible alternative solutions.

The Borough Council acted in response to a letter from Norman Torkelson, a Stockton resident and member of the Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic Management Council, and a presentation by the Devil’s Tea Table Alliance.

The text of the resolution is below.

Thanks again to the Stockton Borough Council for taking this necessary and important action.

Stephen Freeman

The Devil’s Tea Table Alliance  

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